Tips for buying a hammock

Hammocks are ideal to lounge in on your own, with two or the whole family. When buying a hammock it is important to take the size and carry capacity into account. Hammocks can be used inside and outside the home. A hanging chair is a great alternative to lounge in when there is not enough space for one of our hammocks. We developed short XL hammocks specially to be used in smaller spaces. The hammocks in our collection are authentic and therefor not equipped with a spreader bar. An authentic hammock gives better support to the body and gives optimal stability. The authentic hammocks can't tilt. When buying a hammock take your own body length into account. With all the hammocks in our assortment you will find specific characteristics, like width, length, amount of tension ropes and carry capacity. In our assortment of hammocks there is a large choice available, from medium sized hammocks to extra large hammocks and for people taller then 190 cm (6'3 feet) the Gigante hammocks. It is also possible to order a hammock with stand. On the hammock and stand sets we give high discounts. 

Tips for hanging a hammock.

When you a found a hanging point for your hammock, our category with hammock accessories will have the necessary products to suspend your hammock. When you do not have any suspension points available a hammock stand will make a great alternative. It is also possible to order a hammock suspension kit to hang your hammock between 2 trees. Also various loose accessories are available like hooks and ropes at various lengths. Explore all the options at your own pace and have a look at the knots we us to attach the hammocks and hanging chairs.

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Eco Hammock large
Eco Hammock large
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Save: 10% off

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